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「assort FC」 started!

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We had the last game of  the 2013,today.

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Our Members are

Number8   Kazu(Kazuhiko Hiyama{Captain})

Number9     P-ko(ryohei sugiyama)

Number13   King(yoshiyuki ishida)

Number14   EMO(atushi emori)

Number25   Daiki(hiroki ishikawa)

Number33   Syohei(shohei oishi )

It was so great to have the  first game wearing our new  football uniforms!!


We gonna have a game next year.

We can’t wait for it!!

And next time,we’ll show score ranking of our team.

Don’t miss it!

Thank you!

By P-co!

 (Eyecatch picture from 2ch)



Written by Ryohei Sugiyama

ASSORT NEW YORKのホームページはこちら


CLASS AOYAMAのホームページはこちら

↓↓↓ASSORT TOKYOのネット予約は以下より24時間可能です↓↓↓


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