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In English.アカデミー賞女優達のヘアスタイルとは??

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Hello! I’m Mariko:)

I am writing in English!

Because many  foreign customers come to assort hair salon.

So, We study English!

Now、 I try to introduction about hair looks.

Kate-Hudson_glamour_2mar14_rex_b_592x888Kate Hudson’s Oscars beauty look. 

The Hollywood actress wowed with soft tousled locks, worn casually over one shoulder.


jennifer-lawrence_glamour_2mar14_getty_b_592x888J-Law.Bouncy hair waves completed her red carpet look.


00400h_592x888Wear your long, ice-blonde hair in mermaid waves for an on-trend SS14 style.



00120h_592x888Natural dark blonde hues are not only on-trend for SS14, they’re easy to maintain, too.


How beautiful hair color!

I wanna try it,,,


☆My private time☆

I went to pub with my team mates in Shibuya!

image (3)


image (4)


Left…Kazuhiko Hiyama /He doesn’t likes Garlic.

Right…Takumi Konno/He is the most ate dinner in the us.

image (6)


Seira Takaoka/She is soooo cute girl:) I like her.

image (5)


Center…Hirotaka Inoue/He always make us laugh!He is so funny.

Right…Masashi Suzuki/He is so kindly that we like him.



Atsushi Emori/He is so fashionable!I like his fashion:)

image (1)



another day…

I went to pub with Kazuhiko,Yukari,Seiko and yumi!

So had fun!!

I love assort stuffs:)

thank you so much!

Have a good day.

Mariko Nishio


Written by assort press

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