Hello Everyone:)

This is SEIKO of assort hair salon from Tokyo!!!!!

This year is also the remainder to oneday,,,,,

I feel so early through this year.

I had so many experiences the 2013,,,,,,

The most biggest things that I went to Korea for 1year.

It was so much fun thou,,,but also was difficult to survive  other country,,


I used to be in there to work at Japanese hair salon,and I got so many things ,,,,,,

yes,,,,it was so beautiful memories for me…Thats why Im still studying Korean Languages:)

of course I do study English as well,,,but I figure it out,,,,,to get new things ,new friends ,new languages ,,,,

Everything happens for a reason.


I would like to say Thank you so much for Everyone.

Best wishes for a successful and rewarding year!!!!!

thanks for reading all,,,,


SEIKO assistant





Written by Seiko Sato

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