Hello everyone!

Recently I have had many clients at the salon asking for good Japanese food recommendations which is EXTREMELY difficult because there are just too many!

Instead of just writing a long list of restaurants I decided to write a review of a very small and hidden place I’ve grown a love for ever since I came to Tokyo. The restaurant is called Nojima.

Nojima is not your typical “can find on instagram” restaurant. Special would not even be the right term to describe it. I would say it is rare, maybe even a miracle that this place exists today!

The reason why I say this is because it has been around since the time of World War 2!! The restaurant originally started in Kanazawa, but is currently located in Shibuya right on Meiji Dori.

There are many old photos of the restaurant’s history up on the walls and if you’re interested in hearing stories the owner of the restaurant is always hanging around waiting to have a fun conversation!

Not only is this place worth going for the experience, the quality of food is amazing and unbelievably affordable. I always eat here with my father who used to be a culinary chef and even he says you would not be able to get this quality for that price. Here are a few dishes we’ve had the last time we went!

Best of all was this rice ball this sweet grandma made for us (:

We went for dinner this time, but they also have a a good lunch menu so definitely recommend checking that out one day! Hope you enjoy!