Hello everyone!

I am back with ANOTHER food post! By now, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious I love food and I am always on the lookout for new places so I can share them with you!

Recently, a coworker took me out to dinner in Shinjuku, a district around one of the busiest stations in Tokyo. Shinjuku is always buzzing with both locals and tourists looking to have a good time. There are uncountable restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping malls therefore is crowded ALL the time. Although that may be fun and exciting, sometimes you could feel a bit drained after a long day.

Let me introduce to you, a solution to this problem! Go to UONOSU, a restaurant located right in central Shinjuku just a minute away from the station, but still has a very calm and private feel. It’s a little hidden, but thats what makes it so nice! The anticipation and excitement builds as you walk up the stairs. The friendly staff greet you with a warm welcome as you enter into this nice and cozy space.

They offer a wide variety of Japanese food some you may hear of for the first time! They value freshness using quality seafood and produce that are in season to create a beautiful dish. The chef also makes a variety of fresh soba noodles in house daily. My favorite was the parmesan! I absoluely love cheese in anything and it was my first time I’ve seen it be paired with soba so I was super excited! The soba’s texture and flavor was on point and the cheese was not too overpowering. It was an interesting taste and I would definitely recommend trying this dish if you’re looking for something unique!

At the time it was still October so they had a special Halloween menu. The names sounded very intriguing so of course we had to order all of them. Here are a few pictures of what we ordered!

Each dish was so delicate, highly pleasing, and delicious! I highly reccomend UONOSU for those intrested in experiencing real Japanese cuisine (washoku). “According to tsukiji-cooking.com, ‘Washoku is simultaneously both simple yet complicated, plain yet sophisticated. It is salty, sweet, sour, slightly bitter and full of umami flavors, and equal emphasis is placed on beautiful presentation.’” Based on my experience I can confidently say UONOSU captures all of these qualities prefectly!

It’s an excellent place to go with family, friends, or even for date night! So if you’re ever in Shinjuku looking for a fresh new find, please stop by! I hope your experience will be just as amazing 🙂

Until next time,