Hello fellow chocolate lovers!! I’ve got a sweet treat for you today. 😊

If you clicked on this blog then you must LOVE chocolate!

One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve come to Japan is that Japanese people love love love their sweets. Not only do they taste great, but  the presentation of these desserts are phenomenal. Visual appearance is very important in Japan especially when it comes to food. So important that they even have a phrase that translates to “eat with your eyes”!

Anyways, back to the topic of chocolate.

Last week I was walking around Daikanyama when I passed by a cute little cafe called HI-CACAO. It was on a little corner of a street with a big ice-cream sign outside which caught my eye.

HI-CACAO is a chocolate stand that delivers elegant, high quality chocolates that are made with over 70% cacao. Open 7 days a week from 11am to 8pm. They have a variety of fondant chocolates, cacao sandwiches, soft serves, crepes, drinks, and chocolate gifts for friends or coworkers! The store looked so cute I just had to stop by.

The second I opened the door the sweet aroma of chocolate rushed out. As I walked in further, I found a display case full of cute little cannolis and other desserts using cacao. They were so small and delicate I got excited just looking at them while standing in line.

My friend and I decided to try the berry, choco mint, and salted caramel cannoli. All of them were super rich in chocolate and had a very creamy texture.

We also tried the soft serve which was very light and refreshing. Almost like frozen yogurt!

HI-CACAO’s appealing catch phrase, “Sourced globally, offered locally” definitely made me want to try their chocolate and I’m glad I did. I promise you, their chocolates will 100% satisfy your sweet tooth! 😋