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Good restaurants in Tokyo

My Top 3 Cafes of 2020 (so far..)

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is FINALLY 2020! A year I plan to work harder than I have ever before and achieve ALL the goals I set for myself. In order to do that I believe meticulous planning is key. I’ve noticed it is very difficult for me to stay focused at home [...]

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GENTLE Italian & Sushi Bar

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce to you a very cool restaurant I just recently visited. The place is called GENTLE located near Omotesando, Jingumae to be exact. They have two opening times (11:30-15:00/17:00-23:00) so be sure to double check before you go! This restaurant just recently opened and is a bit interesting. It [...]

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topic photo:       Hello there, this is Yumi.   Looking for a lovely lunch on my day off, I and my friend went to Kagurazaka. On the main street, there are lots of nice restaurants.   photo:   Japanese kappo styles, Chinese, Italian and French! This is my favorite bakery, PAUL. [...]

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Japanese Summer Delight -Beer Garden-

topics picture:         Hi there, this is Yumi. The rainy season is almost over and the temperature is getting higher and higher.   Have you ever heard about "Beer Garden"? That is one of the Japanese summer delight.   What is beer garden?   Beer gardens are  kind of outdoor beer restaurants, [...]

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yummy blog! The Famous Ore-no Restaurants

  Hi there, Do you know the famous standing restaurants called Ore-no French?   They have French, Italian, Kappoh (Japanese), Yakitori and Yakiniku restaurants. They are all from the same company. I have been to Ore-no French in Ebisu, French and Italian in Aoyama and Ore-no Yakitori in Ginza.   There was always a looong [...]

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yummy blog! The best Spanish Restaurant in Aoyama

topic picture:   Hi there, today's yummy blog again!   Looking for a real Spanish restaurant?   Next to our building, there is El Puente. It is the best Spanish restaurant in yumi's yummy ranking. lol       The Chef had lived in Madrid (Spain) and Ireland before. \This is Fideua, the paella of [...]

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yummy blog! Ideal Wine

tpics picture:           Hi there, the rainy season has already started in Tokyo. Do you have any great ideas to get over this depressing weather?   I would just stay at my house and watch some movies with my favorite wine and popcorn.   Today, I want to introduce my favorite [...]

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yummy blog! -convenience store foods

topics picture from: Hi there! Today, I'd like to introduce the Japanese super convenience stores! Japanese convenience stores are necessary for our busy life! Have you tried their meals yet? They are rich variety and inexpensive! Seven-Eleven is one of my favourite. This mark,   This must be very familiar. 7-eleven's motto is " close and convenient" [...]

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Try it!!!!Delivering Pizza in JAPAN!!!

Hello everyone !! This is SEIKO from assort international hair salon ! We are opening as usual but Unfortunately it's raining outside today,,, How are things with you?? Today,, I would like to introduce "Realities of delivery pizza "in Japan!! Now around the world  There are a lot of pizzaeria ,Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza!! Pizzeria of these [...]

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