Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since my last post, but I am back with some new discoveries that will not disappoint!

If you’ve never been to Ebisu before let me tell you, you are missing out big time. Ebisu is just one station away from Shibuya and it’s known for it’s high concentration of nice bars and cool restaurants.

I actually just recently went to get dinner with a friend on a friday night and man was it busy! I am not even exaggerating when I say this, but we had to try 7 different places until we found a restaurant that had enough availability for a party of two. Although walking around looking for somewhere to eat on an empty stomach was torture, the lively atmosphere and seeing all the little restaurants was interesting.

But thats not what I’m here to inform you about today. I’m here to introduce you to…


I was introduced to this bar from a bartender friend who knew one of the bartenders who worked here. My first impression of the place was very classy, but cosy. It’s not a very big place so on a busy night you might have to wait a bit to go in, but it is definitely 100% worth it.

The bartenders here are highly skilled and create beautiful cocktails. They have a menu of their signature cocktails, but they will also take special requests if you have any. They have a variety of world’s herb liqueurs and also the largest collection of bitters in Japan. I absolutely loved every single cocktail I had. Each one was it’s own experience and was amazing.

If you happen to feel a bit hungry while you’re there, try their katsu sandwich! IT IS BY FAR THE BEST KATSU SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (sorry dad 😅)

Another thing to look out for when you’re there, check out the coasters under your perfectly made cocktails. The owner’s wife designed them and they change once in ahwile so it’s something to look forward to for when you visit again! Because I can guarantee you, you will be going back for a second time.

Lastly, if you get the chance, ask why the bar is called Trench. It’s a pretty nice story. I was going to write it here, but I’ll let you guys enjoy that one for when you visit and you can hear it in person!

Until next time,