Hello everyone!

Recently, I had an amazing trip back to Hong Kong. A place where I can now call my second home.

This was the third time I went back since I finished my internship at the Assort Hong Kong branch. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity of living and working right at the heart of this beautiful city for four whole months. My time there was full of surprises and experiences that helped me grow and mature as a human being. I met many kindhearted, strong, and passionate people I always think about visiting them every chance I get.

When I received my work schedule for July, I saw I had two days off in a row. I immediately thought of traveling somewhere and researched some flights online. I was lucky enough to find extremely cheap tickets to Hong Kong so I decided to go.

Whenever I travel for leisure I don’t plan anything simply because I am a HUGE procrastinator. I did not look up any places I wanted to visit or even book a hotel until the night before my flight. So the idea of me revisiting Hong Kong did not excite me until I actually landed in the airport. I walked off the plane and there it was. The SMELL of HONG KONG. For some reason this comforted me and I then realized how it felt very much like a trip back home.

All these memories came rushing back to me which made me very very hungry. I remembered this one dim sum restaurant near the salon that served these DELICIOUS cheese xiao long baos. I immediately took a taxi to meet up with my coworkers to go get an early breakfast. But once we arrived, the only thing that was served was disappointment. The restaurant made the terrible mistake of taking cheese xiao long baos off the menu!! And to make it worse, they replaced them with veggie dumplings! I shall never understand why they had done such a thing.

Although my trip was not off to a good start, the next location cheered us up a bit. We met up with another coworker and a fellow friend and went to a beach called Repulse Bay. There we had a good time eating at a Hawaiian restaurant, did some shopping, and chilled by the beach. Ended up discovering a temple too!

One of the highlights of this trip was finding a really nice bar near my hotel room. It’s called Butler and the owner was Japanese. He said not many Japanese people came to his bar so he was very happy to see us. Because he was so happy, he gave us free drinks and even did a little performance with rose petals! That place made our night. If you are ever in Hong Kong I highly recommend checking this place out! As well as another bar the owner recommended to us.

The other bar is called Quinary and is located in Central. The bar has it’s own concept and a big menu of fun, original cocktails. Here are a few that we ordered!

Hong Kong is a small place, but has so so so much to offer if you just spend some time and explore. It is full of hidden gems and what I look forward to most when visiting is digging them up and adding them to my collection!! Ready to share if anyone asks.

So if you ever decide to travel to Hong Kong, don’t just go to the most popular tourist attractions. But explore the city, go to where the locals go and dig up a gem for yourself!