Hello everyone!
Is everyone still alive after the typhoon and heat wave? Because I sure died.

The typhoon actually hit the night RIGHT before my flight to Thailand so sadly, my mini vacation was delayed by a day. All the trains had stopped and the highways were closed so there was no way of getting to the airport! I had no choice, but to cancel my flight and reschedule.

My friend and I decided to head to the closest station, Narita station, to get a head start to the airport the next morning, but turns out a hundred other people were thinking the same thing! When we arrived to the station we found ourselves lost in a crowd of people all waiting for a taxi. We got to the station around 12am and finally caught a ride at 3am. This wasn’t even the worst part! When we got to the airport we were faced with a challenge of finding a place to sleep amongst 15,000 other people who were stuck there. After walking through the check in counter aisles, we found a quiet corner to settle down in and passed out on the hard, cold, airport floor.

Thankfully, there was no problem with our flight the next day and everything went smoothly. September 10th, we successfully arrived to Don Mueang airport, Bangkok.

This was my very first trip to Thailand so I took the typical touristy route of sightseeing, but would like to share my experience along with a couple photos!

1. Rot Fai Market
If you ever go to Bangkok, you HAVE to check this place out! There are uncountable number of colorful food stands all attracting hungry tourists and no matter how much you eat, you always see to have room for more. Here are some of the foods we had!

2. Wat Paknam
Located in the Phasi Charoen district of Bangkok, by the Chao Phraya River, founded during the Ayuthaya period. The fifth floor of this temple has a glass stupa which radiates a beautiful emerald green glow and was absolutely gorgeous. The photos do not show its true beauty, you must see this in person!

3. Phechaburi Soi 5
This is where all the locals are! They have the BEST Kao Mun Gai. And the cheap prices make it even better.

4. Khao San Road
Highly would recommend this for those of you who enjoy night life. Perfect place to meet new people who are also looking to just have a good time!

5. Mango Tango!
Lastly just had to throw in these delicious mango desserts we had!! It is no doubt the best mango dessert shop in Bangkok!

So that was a quick review of the highlights of this trip! My first trip to Bangkok started off rough, but in the end, it was all worth it. I would definitely do it all over again if I had to!

Until my next adventure,