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I love clubbing!!!!!!!

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Hello everyone!!! today’s seiko’s night!!!

How are you doing???

I ‘m good thanks!!


I want to write in English today!

Because  I want to be good at English more,,,,,,,



I went to @eleven in nishiazabu on sat and all night!

This is one of the club!!!

Of course I brought MAMI!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha


and also I had to meet up my friend ,he invited us the event!!!!

It was 20th(25th??)  anniversary  of  techno music from “CARL CRAIG”

He is really famous for the techno people!!

I love techno,,,,buuuuuuuuuut I didn”t know him anything,,,,,,,

OMG,,,,,,,,,when we heard his sounds,,,,,,,

His sounds was awesome!!!!!!!!! he was taken our hearts,,,,

and I want to know really good artist more ,DJ and so on,,,,

Please tell me about these people ~

and take me to these places ,,,,,someone else!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets goooooooooo!!!


Do you understand my english???

Please correct my english,,,,,,,

Okie~Im feeling so good,,,,,right now~

See you next time~


Thank you for watching it!!


seiko sato


to be continued,,,








Written by Seiko Sato

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