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It’s not a secret,,,,,,,no more

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tonight is SEIKO’s night eh eh??w(←its like canadian ??w)

we’re talking in english recently with mami and lisa!!!

not belong to assort !!w

they’re good english speaker so Im always trying to do ~its so much fun!!!!

why do I use english on this blog????why not~

cos we’re learning from our boss kensan!!!!

Im really complaining that I cant speaking english since came back from london,,,,,really annoying :(((

so,,,Im trying to change my life style!!!!!

just one thing,,,,,go to pub!!!!!!and sometimes clubbing,,,,,

yesterday,,, I went to three pubs!!w

I got new friends who are american girls was soooooooooo lovely!!!

added to friend on the FB already!!!!!!!

I just want to try to make many many friends with foreigner ~especially exchange student

is better  because they want to

learn japanese and I want to learn english!!!that would be good each other to study!!!

my private is change to more international !!!!

Im almost londoner!!!!www

Im joking ,,,but  really hope that!!!!w

and one more thing about fashion,,,I want to be more fashionable like london,

newyork and paris girl!!!!in order to go on a diet!w





what do you think about my new life???


please correct me my wrong english~


thanks for reading  my page~!!!!!!!!!!!!!


seiko sato

Written by Seiko Sato

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