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smt to think abt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Hello guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is SEIKO,,,,,here is my turn,,,,,

I think I ‘d like to write in English which is really bad,,w

I don’t care anything because it’s improving if I do use a loads of ward ,,,,,,and my boss correct me~thanks!!!




recently,,,you know(←I just wanna use this phrases,,haha)I absolutely LOVE LONDON,,,,,,

there are my home ,,,,want to back !w

so my brain is eaten by my really really fuckin crazy memories thou,,,,,,

mmmmm,I would love to introduce my lovelies with photographs♥♥♥♥♥

this is afternoon tea which is so fuckin delicious !!!!!

here is carnaby street which is fashionable place in london!!!!!

JACK WILLS !!!!!!!I love this brand so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!

big tree at hydepark through christmas season,,,it was sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!

my best mates in london,,,,,,,,

my best crews of dancing!!!!!!!!!

THE UDON!!!!!!!!こやin soho!!!!!!

it might be negative opinions ,,, I hate japanese social, Its like hidebound,,,,

It makes me so tired ,annoying,disgusting and fed up ,,,,,,for this reason I want to change this situation right now,,,

I believe that could be change If I belong to ASSORT,,,,

just my hope,,,,,but Its not easy,,,,

hope to become all English in ASSORT  with common language!!!!!!!!!hahaha

I could say anything!!!!more confortable!!!

who agrees my feeling?

I found it!

this is MAMI!!!!

she is my sweetie♥♥♥and my working mate and my best at GAFF,,,,

Im always happy with her because our feeling is completely the same!

she makes me happy,,,also clubbing mate!!!

Am I almost London girl???w haha

I had my hair change colour~change chane chaaaaaaaaaaaange everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have so much things to write this turn!!!

but I’d like to do next,,,,

to be continue,,,


thanks a lot,,,siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiya!





Written by Seiko Sato

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