Hi this is Miki.


I would like to talk about my client, Lindsey.
I’ve been taking care of her hair since she came to Japan. It’s been about one year.
I really enjoy  playing with different styles with her hair.
We usually give her a pixie cut with an undercut and color her hair platinum blond.image (1)

Last time, I made her bangs pink  using the dip-dyed color technique.image (3)image (2)




This time, I gave her rainbow colors on her platinum blond hair!
 We are now trying to grow her hair on the top part. You will be able to see how different it will be with an undercut.
It will be so nice with her beautiful face!
She has three kids and they love her unicorn-like hair color!!
I can’t wait until the next time I see her. 🙂写真 image (5) image (4)