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I would like to talk about Izumo Taisha.

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It is a national treasure.

This building is the tallest and one of the oldest shrines in Japan; it was built in 1744 and is 24 metres (78 feet) tall. It was supposedly over 48 metres (157 feet) tall, 1000 years ago.

It is dedicated to Ohkuninushi-no-Ohkami, the god of relationships, so people come here to pray for a good relationship.

In the tenth month of the lunar calendar (usually in November), Shinto gods from all over Japan gather here.

So it’t almost a best time to there!



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t’s a torii, which is a shrine gate. It’s 23 metres (75.4 feet) high, and so is one of the largest toriis in Japan.

There are 4 torii all together.

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It’s shime-nawa, a sacred rope. It marks a god’s place. It’s 13.5 metres (44.2 feet) long and weighs 6 tons (13,227 pounds).

Prayers, weddings and other ceremonies are performed here.

I went to there in June with my mom.

That I heard to go with your mom is the best for to get a good relationship.

I hope it’s will become soon…. 😀

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