I went to a great Yakiniku restaurant last week with my friends.

Yakiniku is Japanese styled barbecue.

Its called Yoroniku.

It’s  in omotesando.

Now they are getting popular and famous in Japan.

They serve top quality meat.

like this !

Normal yakiniku style, the server just serves meets. And we have to grill by ourself.

But in the restaurant, the server also grill the meat for us.

Because it’s the most important thing how to grill for the meat


There are 2type of full-course meal.

¥7,000 or ¥9,000.

We orderd ¥9,000 course meal.

They served 10 types of meat.

Everything, how to eat is different.

The server told us how to eat when grill.

some of meet look like too oily,,

But it’s actually not taste oily!

Soo mildly and a little sweetly!

I’ve never eaten like that before then!


I tried to have a reservation one month ago,

but it was already fully booked.

you mast have a reservation before a month and half!
But, Please try to go there to because it is a very good place!