Hi there, this is Yumi.


I don’t like this season… humidity and the heat of Japanese summer.

This rainy season, the dry hair can be very frizzy. It would bother you.


At assort, we have 2 types of hair treatment.

Our premium treatment  is very special.

Look at this picture.

She is our lovely client, Catherine.

Her hair is usually long, frizzy, dry hair.


After her hair cut and the premium treatment, her hair looks and feels amazing!

Not using any brushes  just used dryers to dry, her hair looks perfect.



This is TEMOI shampoo, good to repair, especially for damaged dry hair.


Even this is a shampoo but it provides hair conditioning effects and effects of imparting firmness and elasticity to the hair after use.



This is a treatment.

You can use it as leaving on before drying your hair.




Using those products at home, they help the treatment last longer!





She was very happy and so we are!




Let’s try our premium treatment to get your hair much healthier!


yumi xxx