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Fade hair cut

Hi This Yuki.  Recently, I’m enjoying about fade hair cut. The Fade hair cut was not popular in Japan.  But it’s getting more popular. These are my recent jobs. Let’s get a fade hair cut:)

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Blonde hair color for Asian hair

Hello, This is Yuki. Recently, I got many orders that is blonde from Asian hair. My favorite blonde is ashy blonde. When I make these color from Asian dark hair color, I bleach more than twice. It makes damage a lot on hair. Then , I use Olaplex. It’s like a oil. I can [...]

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Dug Ramen in Kinshi-cho

Hello, everone:) Last week, I visited to Kinshi-cho for this special ramen. I found this ramen on Tabe-log( 食べログ). It’s Japanese review site .( like yelp) On the site, Average of ramen is 2.8/5 point. But this ramen has 3.8 point. So I was very excited about the ramen. Actually, that was super good [...]

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my favorite curry restaurant

Today I’m going to introduce my favorite curry restaurant near by my house. Spice post It is located in Shibuya (nearest station is Yoyogihachiman and Yoyogikohen station) They open 10am - 2pm. They serve Chicken curry and Pork curry and Keema curry.  Pork and keema with Indian styled potato salad Keema curry  Chicken and [...]

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Ameyoko -One The best drink area in tokyo-

Hello, This is Yuki. Assort Tokyo stylist. I went to one of the most popular drinking place in Tokyo. It’s called Ameyoko. Yamanote line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations. The name "Ameyoko" is a short form for "Ameya Yokocho. Alternatively, "Ame" also stands for "America", because a lot of American products used to [...]

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Yakiniku in Tokyo

  Hi! I went to a great Yakiniku restaurant last week with my friends. Yakiniku is Japanese styled barbecue. Its called Yoroniku. It's  in omotesando. Now they are getting popular and famous in Japan. They serve top quality meat. like this ! Normal yakiniku style, the server just serves meets. And we have to [...]

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Good sandwich and coffee shop in Shibuya

Hello! If you are the sandwich and  coffee lover, this is the place to be. It's called Camel back sandwich and espresso. Located in downtown Shibuya. It's near by yoyogi park. The barista got experienced from the streamer coffee shop for a long time where is one of the most popular and famous coffee shop [...]

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Best Taiwanese restaurant in Shibuya

Hello everyone! This is Yuki. I'm working at the Assort Tokyo. I was working at our salon's New York branch for 1 year  and half. I started to work at Tokyo branch from this year. I'm gonna keep to write this blog for giving good informations about Japan for you. I wanna write about New York [...]

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