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International Hair Salon Assort In Gaiemmae Station!!!

Hello there !! This is SEIKO.   Does anyone have an experience  to got aweful hair done in  Japan?? We have a lot of clients who had  same problems . Last friday , we went to Canada Embassy to join Mini EXPO which held for the person who moved to japan in recently. There were [...]

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Let’s play!!!!

Hello everyone!!This is Seiko:) Welcome to Assort after hours** Today I would like to introduce you about our salon's activities:) We often organize fun activities We have our own futsal team! There are futsal pitches around the aoyama area! Sometimes like tonight we play against other salon's teams! So you can join us anytime!! Assistant [...]

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Hello☆How are you doing??? SEIKO here!! It's getting so humit ! It  feels like summer already came. Do you have any holiday plan for this summer?? Actually,,, I'm really excited because I will be going to Guam from tomorrow on a company trip!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhh! 3days 2nights☆ Lots of fun activities for tourists like riding bananaboats etc.... refer [...]

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Try it!!!!Delivering Pizza in JAPAN!!!

Hello everyone !! This is SEIKO from assort international hair salon ! We are opening as usual but Unfortunately it's raining outside today,,, How are things with you?? Today,, I would like to introduce "Realities of delivery pizza "in Japan!! Now around the world  There are a lot of pizzaeria ,Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza!! Pizzeria of these [...]

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