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Have you ever heard about ” Hair donation ” ?

  Hello, I'm Yuri from assort tokyo!   First of all, Have you ever heard about " Hair donation" ??   JHD & C is the only NPO in Japan that provides medical wigs made only from donated hair to children under the age of 18 who have hair problems, completely free of charge.   [...]

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The difference between digital perm and air wave perm.

Have you ever heard “air wave perm”?? Digital perm is a well known commonly. That have merit to make strong curl and last long. But that have demerit to get damaged and it hard to have perm for roots.   They have Big difference are “HEAT ”   Both of them use the heat to [...]

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How about trying Milbon Treatment??

Hi I'm Yuri from assort tokyo! Today, I'm going to explain about "Treatmet" we have! One of those, "Milbon 4steps treatment" is popular  ! They have 3 types, for each level of hairdamage. In the absence of effective treatment, SSVs continue to expand, causing hair to lose its shine and resilience. SSVR-Silk™ is a [...]

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[NEW] we open official ASSORT TOKYO’s instagram.

Hello, I'm yuri from assort tokyo.   Recently we open the official Assort tokyo's instagram! We share not only the hairstyle but also introducing about staff^^   Please check and follow us!   And our YouTube is posting a lot of new contents !     Please check it out!   Please stay safe and [...]

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find your suitable shampoo^^

Hi, I'm yuri from assort tokyo.   Today, I'll show you new shampoo and hair mask! Have you ever heard Oway?? Oway is an Organic bland. They have many kinds of shampoo suitable for each type of hair conditions.   Now, we prepare trial size! ¥100/1set (free combination)   It's easy to try, isn't it?? [...]

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Helping to get the healthy hair at home.

Hello, I'm yuri from assort tokyo!   Today, I recommend Out Bath Treatment!   Hair is getting more and more damage and weak after dye your hair and also perm.   So, if you want to keep the perfect hair style lasting longer , you have to care your hair at home.   My favorite [...]

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