Hello everyone!
This is Yuki. I’m working at the Assort Tokyo.
I was working at our salon’s New York branch for 1 year  and half.
I started to work at Tokyo branch from this year.
I’m gonna keep to write this blog for giving good informations about Japan for you.

I wanna write about New York things a lot this time.
But, it’s maybe next time 🙂
This time, I’m gonna write about a popular and famous Taiwanese restaurant in Shibuya
It called Reikyo.

They have the restaurant since 1955.
I usually walk on the street where the front of the restaurant when I go to work.
And everyday they are very busy.
It makes me expected so much.
I went to the restaurant last week. It was my first time.

The menus, everything sounds like delicious.
I ordered a lot.

Szechuan Sesame Hot Noodles

Fried clam and garlic

Fried Chinese water spinach

Vienna sausages

The 4 of them was the bests for me.
So delicious!
This restaurant close to YoYogi park.
Now, The park is the Hanami season for celebrating Sakura.
I recommend you to visit the restaurant , When you go to Shibuya or the park!
Have a good day:)

Yuki Haga