If you are the sandwich and  coffee lover, this is the place to be.
It’s called Camel back sandwich and espresso.
Located in downtown Shibuya.
It’s near by yoyogi park.
The barista got experienced from the streamer coffee shop for a long time where is one of the most popular and famous coffee shop in Japan.
The coffee is amazing. The rich in taste and clear in flavor, can only sense the extracted goodies of beans.

The chef was working in Sushi restaurant in USA for a long time.
He speaks English very fluently!
His history of work is very interesting!
Some of sandwiches are inspired from Sushi.
The manue, Sushi styled egg sandwich is amazing! (The picture is not the sandwich)

When I was the shop, everyone is talking with them.
There is an junior school.It close to the shop. So many kids walking on the street where the front of the shop.
And they said Hi! to staffs.
I mean, they are getting famous and popular in Tokyo. But neighbors still loves the shop.
Because taste good and friendly!

To get coffee and sandwich and go to the Yoyogi park is one of the best way to chill out!