Hello, I’m Yuri from assort tokyo!


First of all,

Have you ever heard about ” Hair donation” ??


JHD & C is the only NPO in Japan that provides medical wigs made only from donated hair to children under the age of 18 who have hair problems, completely free of charge.


Assort tokyo is one of the supporting salon!


What kind of hair is suitable for the material of” medical wig “?


・Must have a lengths of 31cm or more

・Color , perm , bleach hair ard OK

・Be completely dry





and fill out the doner sheet.


We responsibility send your hair to JHD & C!



If you want to get a haircut more than 30cm, please remember this donation system!


Your kindness will help and make someone’s smile 🙂


( and if you get a haircut less than 30cm, we can only cut them. But you have to send them by yourself to the other company! )