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Hi there, this is Yumi.


How would you like to spend a night before your day off?

I like going out for drinks and good foods with my friends.


I think Japanese Izakaya is an amazing culture.

There are many kinds of drinks which is hard to choose, so I would like to introduce you all about the Japanese alcohol drinks.


You know, it’s beer.

Beer comes within this kind of big beer mugs.

In Japan, people like cold beer with a creamy head.

And the perfect ratio of the beer head and beer is 3 to 7.


Do you know “Chu-Hi”?

Or they are also called “SAWA-” (Sour).

There are so many kind of sour.

My favourite is Lemon sour.

This is called fresh squeezed lemon sour.

Squeeze a lemon or grapefruits by yourself, it’s very fresh and healthy!

You need to be careful when you drink sour, it’s taste like a juice so sometimes you get too drunk before you realize.


Shouchu is very similar to Sake.

It is same as whisky or vodka, you can drink is as straight, with ice or mixing with water, tea or juice.



Japanese Sake, it’s like wine.

You can enjoy cold sake (Rei-shu) in summer, hot sake (Atsukan).

If you order a cup of sake, it comes with the box(masu) and be filled full of the glass.

Not only enjoy drinking, Sake has another attraction.

Sake bottles and grasses(Ochoko) are very beautiful.




Not only these fantastic drinks, Japanese Izakaya have so many variety of foods.

I hope you can enjoy the Japanese cultures:)


yum! xxx



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