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Hi there, this is Yumi.

The rainy season is almost over and the temperature is getting higher and higher.


Have you ever heard about “Beer Garden”?

That is one of the Japanese summer delight.


What is beer garden?


Beer gardens are  kind of outdoor beer restaurants, are open during summertime.

Those are usually at the top of the high-rise buildings so we can enjoy not only cold beer and drinks but also cool summer breeze and beautiful nigh view.

Nowadays, there are variety of beer garden in Tokyo.


I would like to try:


[ Mori no Beer Garden ]

The closest station is Shinano-machi station.

2 hours Tabe-houdai and Nomi-houdai (you can eat and drink all you want in 2hours) style is only 4100 yen for men, 3800 yen for women!

The website says these are BBQ style (but I think it’s more Yakiniku style).


You need to make a reservation before.



[ Yoyogi Village ]

This is a new style beer garden.

There are tropical atmosphere wit palm trees and sand on the ground.

You can enjoy fancy food and drinks!

It seems that this place is perfect for a date!! lol




Let’s try the summer delight!



yum! xxx