Want to see a great view of Mt Fuji? Well I recommend Fuji Q Highland. It’s literally a roller coaster of emotions. As you slowly get pulled up in your cart, you have beautiful scenery surrounding you with Mt Fuji being the pinnacle, then suddenly you get dropped at an angle of 121 degrees (the worlds steepest drop) leaving you screaming and your heart pounding.

On this trip not only did we get to see the majestical Mt Fuji, but we also got to ride thrilling rides, visit museums, the haunted labyrinth of fear (believe me when I say they have not spared any expense or talent in making sure you get scared), go ice-skating and enjoy the view and relax on the Ferris Wheel.


So we left Tokyo on a Sunday morning from Shibuya station. There are buses that go straight to the park but we went to Kawaguchiko which is a lake near Mt Fuji and stayed one night in a ryokan (Japanese style hotel) with an onsen (hot spring). We hired a pedal boat and went onto the lake which was really fun, I hadn’t done that since I was a child. We had an all-you-can-eat sukiyaki dinner at our ryokan and relaxed in the onsen.


Monday morning we got the free shuttle from the ryokan to Kawaguchiko Station and got another free shuttle to Fuji Q Highland from there.

We got full day free passes which allows you to go on all the rides all day as many times as you like, except for a few of the attractions which you can only enjoy once. This does not include entrance to the haunted labyrinth of fear or for skate hire. We also got the priority entrance ticket (this is only for 3 main rides) as I didn’t want to stand in line all day and I am glad that we did. Even though it was a Monday in Winter and pretty quiet we had to stand in line a little while for some rides.

A few tips: Make sure you get there around 9am if you want to get in early and get on the main rides without waiting too long. If you are going in Winter, take your warm gear, including gloves, beanies, scarves and warm jacket (though you will be asked to remove scarves and beanies when you are riding the roller coasters).


Here is a list of the services we used to book our trip:

Kawaguchiko Onsen Yamagishi Ryokan booked on Rakuten

Highway bus leaving from Mark City Shibuya booked on Kosokubus

FujiQ Highland full day free pass and priority lane ticket booked on Voyagin