Today I’m going to introduce my favorite curry restaurant near by my house.

Spice post

It is located in Shibuya (nearest station is Yoyogihachiman and Yoyogikohen station)

They open 10am – 2pm.

They serve Chicken curry and Pork curry and Keema curry. 

Pork and keema with Indian styled potato salad

Keema curry 

Chicken and pork

Their popular curry is chicken curry. It’s soup curry. Taste like between Japanese style and Indian style.

Free refill for the soup.

Pork curry is coconuts milk based. But every week they change spices.

Last week was cardamom and black cumin mixed. It was very good.

Keema curry, they use 3type of ground meets.

Beef, chicken and lamb.

You can choose grams of rice in200-400.

I’ve been living in the area for a long time.

When I first went to the restaurant, they open 10am -3:30pm. And they were not so busy.

But I had a confidence they wil be so busy.

Because the service is very attentive. And curry tastes so good.

Recently, they always have a line front of the restaurant.

They close  by 2pm. Sometimes even earlier. Because of sold out.

Japanese summer is very hot . If you have no appetite, I recommend you to eat curry in the restaurant!

The curry give you power for surviving in the hot summer:)