It’s coming up to the holidays and no matter how you celebrate Christmas, with family, lovers or friends, or you don’t celebrate at all, it’s a time for giving and receiving gifts. Some, make a list of what they want, in today’s blog I’ll tell you what I want!

I would like a #myonlyone bag by Maison de Comme.

“My only one” is a series of bags that come in different colours, sizes, designs, textures, and every single one is a unique piece, so there are no two that are the same. What I love most about these bags, apart from the bright colours, are that each one has a trimming made from a vintage obi, which adds a traditional Japanese feel to it, while keeping the design contemporary.  An obi is a belt like sash wrapped around a kimono.

Maison de Comme bags are designed and made right here in Japan and are perfect as a gift, as a Japanese souvenir or for treating yourself (if Santa doesn’t bring me one for Christmas, I’m buying myself one!).

If you are in Tokyo you can pop over to Shibuya Hikarie to see My Only One in:

Shibuya Hikarie 2F Rooms Ji-Ba

Or go to their Instagram page to see when and where their next pop up shop is in Tokyo and all over Japan: