Hello!How are you doing?

I am Kohei Taniguchi. I’m a hairdresser.

I’ve been working at assort for 6 years now,

but this is my first time to post a blog,

so I’m a bit nervous this because my English skills may not be enough good to do this.

but I will try from today,and I really want everybody to know about us, me, some useful information of hair products.

Then when you come to Assort Tokyo,I want you to
be relax, don’t get nervous!


Let’s get started ^^

★What’s the topic of today’s blog !

Today’s topic is olaplex with Japanese straight perm!!!!!!

Olaplex.japanese straight perm

Olaplex.japanese straight perm

I think you know what is the olaplex.

It’s kind of treatment products.It can protect you hair from bleach,color.

Basically it’s for the hair color and it can do damage control.

That is the most popular way to use the olaplex treatment.


We found out different way to use this!!

It’s for Japanese straight perm!!

Japanese straight perm

Everyone know about the Japan has so much humidity in summer.Then hair are getting frizzy from that.yes…of course it’s very uncomfortable..

That’s why some Japanese get the straight perm in rainy season.

We call it straight season is coming!^^

We are very grateful that so many clients come to Assort Tokyo from all over the world.

I also have a lot of foreigner clients,and definitely they have different types of hair.

Sometimes it’s harder than Japanese hair,sometimes it’s softer than Japanese hair……

When they want to get the Japanese straight perm with me, some of my clients already had different type of straight perm in different countries.

At that time,They told me about that different straight perm” it’s called keratin treatment,it wasn’t straight perm “

But the hair have damaged a lot,it looked like super dry…

Then I thought the keratin thing was not one of the treatment,it was the straight perm.

Also that might be to much work….

If hair have  damaged a lot already,it’s difficult to improve that texture and condition because hair are dead cells.

Our Japanese straight perm,there are many different type of solution levels.

That’s why I can choose the solution lest hair do not get damaged.

Furthermore ,,,

If I used the olaplex with straight perm, it can help to improve your hair condition!

And less damaged !!!!

That is brand new way to use the olaplex!

Japanese hair.japanese straight perm

If you are interested in about Japanese straight perm, please let me know.

I can take care of your hair,I hope I can make you happy ^^

Sorry for pasting such a long message,

I am really looking forward to see you at the Assort Tokyo!

Thank you for reading!

see you.    Kohei