Hi there, this is yumi!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup finally began!

Everyone all over the world must be really excited!


Same at assort.

We have an original futsal team, called assort FC.

Most of us are big fans of football!


On Sundays, we have dress code day.

Yesterday the theme was “the world cup coordinate”




So we couldn’t just work on Sunday, the first match of Japan!

Fortunately, we have a great big screen!!!!!!

We opened 10:00am as same as time the game started!


It was really unusual but very fun! Look at all pictures!












Our boss, Ken and his client is not looking at the mirror anymore! lol



Even our clients couldn’t concentrate on their hair!






This is almost the end of the game but no one didn’t leave until the game’s over!




I feel so sad for the close lose, but the Honda’s goal was so amazing!

I can’t wait for next game:)



Next time if you visit assort, you might be able to enjoy watching the matches with us!



yum! xxx