Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share an amazing art experience I recently discovered with a friend!

Growing up, I have always loved art. As a child my mother took me to many art museums, allowed me to attend all the art classes my heart desired, and every home party or birthday party I had were full of fun and creative arts and crafts.

As I grew older and learned how to drive, my friends and I would go to downtown LA in search for cool street art, new art exhibitions, or drop by the classics such as the Getty, Moca, The Broad, or LACMA and take pictures. Sometimes we would find unexpected gallary openings showcasing artwork of artists we’ve never heard of or visit a giant mural the size of a building from our favorite music artists! 

Since I have moved to Japan last year, I’ve visited a couple art museums and have enjoyed them all! Although I do have to admit, NONE of them tops the one I just recently went to which is the teamLabs Digital Art Museum!

Last week I had a friend from Hong Kong come visit Tokyo for a couple days.

At first I felt a little pressured as to where I should take him or go for food being the official “tour guide” who has now lived in Tokyo for almost 2 years. Instead, he ended up inviting me to go to an art exhibit I have never heard of.

The date was set and he had already reserved tickets for the both of us so without having to worry about anything, I headed to Toyosu station one sunday after work.

I hadn’t done any research ahead of time because I wanted to keep it a surprise for myself which I am SO glad I did. I walk in excited for all the artwork I’m about to see, but soon realize that this was no ordinary museum. When they told us to take off our shoes and recommended we roll up our pants up to our knees, I knew something was up. What could possibly be ahead of us where we needed to roll up our pants!?

Cautiously, my friend and I walk through the dark hallways when suddenly different textures appear beneath our bare feet. It was weird, but fun at the same time. It felt like we were kids again, amused at the most simplest things. As we move along we hear a waterfall and a ray of white light shining a path. We follow the sound and I started to realize how this museum worked.

Each room is it’s own artwork and experience. They were so full of creativity, beauty, technique, and nothing anyone could have predicted. Entering each room was like entering another world. Which is what I think the artists meant to create.

This digital art museum was very interactive and I am intentionally leaving out all the cool details so I don’t spoil it for those who haven’t visited the museum yet. All I can say is that this experience really opened up my mind in ways I view art and is TOTALLY worth it! I would highly recommend this to all the art lovers out there. Even if you’re not a fan of art museums! This is entertainment that is DEFINITELY one of a kind!!