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Hi there,

the rainy season has already started in Tokyo.

Do you have any great ideas to get over this depressing weather?


I would just stay at my house and watch some movies with my favorite wine and popcorn.


Today, I want to introduce my favorite wine.




Have you ever seen these wines?

They are in a can!


These products are from Barokes wines, the Australian wine company.

Please check their website for more information:



Even if you are at home alone, you don’t have to open a bottle of wine!

Also they have variety of wine you can enjoy different ones at one time!



The Barokes had a BBQ Party at the wonderful garden of Australian embassy in May.

20140607-112525-41125564.jpg  20140607-112554-41154349.jpg


Miki and I had been invited and enjoyed their wine cocktails and the Austlalian BBQ!

20140607-112554-41154467.jpg  20140607-112527-41127004.jpg







These bottles, the pink one is rose sparkring wine  and the yellow one is white sparkring wine.



Not only drinking them easily but also you can enjoy making cocktails with them!


20140607-112554-41154922.jpg  20140607-112612-41172757.jpg


The Barokes wines have big markets in Japan, some Asian countries and Australia.



You can enjoy their wines at home or after the rainy season, bring them with you when you go on a picnic!