I am senior colorist Nana.

We have so many clients from so many countries.
Just short time tourist too.

Then a lot of them ask me
『Do you have any recommendation in Tokyo?』

I have some things.

I recommend to go Asakusa,especially if you visit Japan first time and stay just in Tokyo.


Tokyo isn’t traditional Japan but if you go to Asakusa,you might feel it a bit.

Also I recommend you to wear KIMONO(traditional Japanese costume) there.

To be honest,
even Japanese people don’t wear KIMONO these day.
I have worn just twice.

But also I lived Europe then I sometimes wanna do traditional Japanese things.

It was sooooooo fun!!!

You don’t have KIMONO?
You don’t know how to wear?!!
Sounds expensive???!!!!

Don’t worry!!!!

You can go to Asakusa and just go to the shop.
That’s it!!

There are so many rent a KINMONO shop
then we visited this place

HANAKA ASAKUSA kimono rental
浅草着物レンタル 華雅

near ASAKUSA station

There are so many color or type of KIMONO!!

Looks pretty the we are so excited.

I decided to were this one.

I loved the color and pattern.

The fee including,

ACCESSORY for hair
They can do
easy hair set
and they can help to wear
Keep your stuff during going out



So cheap,don’t you think?

I felt really good and match with the atmothpere then
we took pictures a lot haha

Most popular place in ASAKUSA

(entry gate of SENSOU-JI)

Looks nice with colorful KIMONO girls.

And so many shops like street foods or souvenirs.

I love this NINGYO-YAKI
wich is like castilla.



So yummyyyyyyyyyy(o^^o)

I wanted to eat mooooooooreeeeee


It was too much、、、、(。-_-。)
KINOMO’s OBI wich is wide belt usually tight a lot then,,,

I felt like DANGO and KUROKETTO was still couldn’t go down haha

but I found this so I got them then finished.

Sweet potetos.

That was actually long time ago and we just walked around and ate street foods though.

There are so many place to go or to do

So even if you don’t have so much time
or don’t wear KIMONO,
I am sure you can enjoy and see a bit of traditional Japan.

If you wear KIMONO,you might feel Japanese lady feeling a bit
(Can’t eat too much lol)

Have a great day.