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I am Nana!
I am introducing about today which I like to go to have relax and good for .

Kamakura is a small city and a very popular tourist destination. Sometimes called the Kyoto of Eastern , Kamakura offers numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments. In addition, Kamakura’s sand beaches attract large crowds during the summer months.

From Shibuya station,
You can take Shonan Shinjuku railway to Kamakura station directly. It takes about 1h.

From Kamakura station.
You can go to
about 15min on foot.

Tsuruoka Hachimangū is the most important Shinto shrine.The shrine is at the geographical and cultural center of the city of Kamakura, which has largely grown around it and its 1.8 km approach.
When you walk toward to that,you can see so many shops,cafes and restaurant.
You can eat Japanese sweets,snacks and buy some traditional souvenir there.

Tsuruoka is a big shrine, but you can walk easily.
Depends on season,you can enjoy different atmosphere.

Spring: cherry blossom
Early summer: wistaria
Summer:lotus flower in the pond
Autumn: autumn leaves
Winter:Paeonia suffrutticosa and if you are lucky snow.

That’s great things we have 4 seasons :)

Open hour:

And near Wadatsuka station which is one stop from Kamakura station.

There is small Japanese traditional sweets shop called

You can enjoy nice green tea Macya and sweets with old Japanese house which has tatami and Small Japanese garden and terrace (called engawa)

Close: Thu

And you can get old local train called Enoden from Wadaysuka station towards to Enoshima.
You can see beautiful view of ocean.

I recommend to go Hase station.

There are also some shrine and temple.

-Hase temple
is so beautiful especially around rainy season which is June, you can see so many hydrangea.
You can see nice view of ocean and mountains if you go up to lookout place.

Open hour:

-Koutokuin temple
Kamakura great Buttha
You can see very big buddha there.

And around Hase area,
also you can find some small shop which has Japanese snacks,meal and sweets.

And sometimes there is rickshaw(Jinrikisya) so you can take it if you are tired to walk.

And then I recommend to go beach.
In the summer, there are so many people to swim and to relax.

Sunset is so beautiful.
You can see it with Enoshima and Mt.Fuji if it’s sunny day.

Also you can enjoy sunset at

-Zaimokuza terrace
which is
toward to east side by the beach.
(15min walk from Hase station or Kamakura station)

That is building which has some restaurants and shops. Especially the restaurant called

is nice location to see beach and sunset.
Sometimes there is live band event or BBQ event.

Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00
Sat,sun 10:00-22:00

There are more things to go and do.

Please enjoy and let me know if you know any nice place.

Have a lovely day.

Nana Fushimi