Hello! I’m Nana.

How are you, everyone?

How do you spend your day at home?



I’m getting used to this life style day by day.

When I’m at home, I enjoy cooking, cleaning, reading books, watching movies!


I was kind of nervous to stay home for long time!

But actually there are so many things to do at home!



And WE ARE SO HAPPY to announce this news!

We officially started to “YOUTUBE” channel:)

You can see how to style your hair, also the process for hair cut, color, perm!

I promise you enjoy the channel!



In the channel, I show you how to wrap the scarf on your head!

It looks complicated, but actually so easy:)

Please try at homeʕ••ʔ

Moreover you’ll see all our staffs talking!

We are so unique and positive!

We’ll give you a power for sure!!

Please check it up and subscribe to our channel!

Thank you♡

Stay home, Stay happy!!