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My Top 3 Cafes of 2020 (so far..)

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is FINALLY 2020! A year I plan to work harder than I have ever before and achieve ALL the goals I set for myself. In order to do that I believe meticulous planning is key. I’ve noticed it is very difficult for me to stay focused at home [...]

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UONOSU, An Unforgettable Washoku Experience

Hello everyone! I am back with ANOTHER food post! By now, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious I love food and I am always on the lookout for new places so I can share them with you! Recently, a coworker took me out to dinner in Shinjuku, a district around one of the busiest stations in [...]

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Seafood Restaurant NOJIMA

Hello everyone! Recently I have had many clients at the salon asking for good Japanese food recommendations which is EXTREMELY difficult because there are just too many! Instead of just writing a long list of restaurants I decided to write a review of a very small and hidden place I’ve grown a love for ever [...]

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GENTLE Italian & Sushi Bar

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce to you a very cool restaurant I just recently visited. The place is called GENTLE located near Omotesando, Jingumae to be exact. They have two opening times (11:30-15:00/17:00-23:00) so be sure to double check before you go! This restaurant just recently opened and is a bit interesting. It [...]

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Calling All Chocolate Lovers

Hello fellow chocolate lovers!! I’ve got a sweet treat for you today. 😊 If you clicked on this blog then you must LOVE chocolate! One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve come to Japan is that Japanese people love love love their sweets. Not only do they taste great, but  the presentation of these desserts are phenomenal. [...]

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Take A Break, You Deserve It

A couple days ago, I went on a little snowboarding trip with two of my good friends. My friend who was planning found a really good package deal that included a one night and two day stay at the Prince Hotel with breakfast, full snowboarding gear rentals, and round-trip bullet train tickets from Tokyo station [...]

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