Hello everyone!

I have a question for y’all.

Do you ever feel like you’ve gained 10 pounds after one meal? Because I do and I absolutely HATE that feeling. It usually happens where you’re out and enjoying a yummy (usually unhealthy as well) meal and your brain just forgets to tell your body to stop eating because the food tastes so good.

Well, I’ve found a pretty good solution to that!

Introducing… HEALTHY PIZZA from City Shop Pizza

The shop is located inside of shibuya stream by shibuya station. The stream is full of shops and restaurants with a wide variety of choices  including Mexican, American, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Italian and also bakeries and cafes!

My friend and I were walking around looking for a place to eat and were drawn to city shop pizza because the food was so aesthetic.

It’s kind of similar to subway if you’ve been there before. You get to customize your pizza! First, you choose your crust. You can choose from either basic vegan, vegan with superfood, or a gluten free vegan crust. Then you move onto choosing your 3 choices of protein which is the most fun! All the options are very healthy, tasty, and pleasing to the eye. Lastly, you get two pick two toppings to go with your proteins and you’re done!

You’ve got your delicious, guilt-free pizza to satisfy your tummy. It may look big, but you can definitely finish one whole pizza by yourself. If you enjoy this healthy pizza, visit the other city shop stores! They have one for noodles as well!

Hope you enjoy,