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CITRUS BAR TOKYO produced by assort NEW OPEN!!

Clients that visit our new bar after their stay at ASSORT TOKYO get special deals! Please contact our staff prior to visiting.

About us

Looking for an english-speaking hairdresser or hair salon in Tokyo? Our English speaking hair dressers are available to assist you with precise counseling services. Though recently there are a few salons in Tokyo providing English services, we are dedicated to quality and simply good services (cuts, colors, perms, etc.). We have proudly achieved to be the #1 ranked hair salon in Japan for the Leading Hair Salons worldwide (Leading Salons of the World – Assort).

The reason we have such a high reputation in the beauty industry in Tokyo for international clients, is due to our focuses on design and precision, NOT JUST LANGUAGE. Sure, pick any hair salon if you are just looking for an English speaking hair dresser (which we are  sure there are plenty these days). Pick Assort International Hair Salon Tokyo for a good cost performance hair salon which suits your needs.

Please visit our New YorkHong Kong, and Amsterdam branch as well!


Assort International Hair Salon Tokyo was introduced in Japan’s most famous television show “SUKKURI!!” (JAPAN TELEVISION / 2016-05-17) , as the most popular hair salon in Tokyo, Japan for foreign clients.


In recent years, the number of foreigners visiting Japan has been steadily increasing, and many people are visiting again and again because of Japan’s beauty industry.  Assort International Hair Salon Tokyo was introduced as Japan’s #1 hair salon for foreigners. NHK WORLD TV “TOKYO EYE 2020”  (broadcasted in over 130 countries worldwide on 2016-08-03) Broadcast is available to view anytime for 1 year via NHK ON DEMAND.

CUT (s&b included)
Stylist 6,000
Top Stylist 8,000
Senior Stylist 10,000
CEO 20,000
※Please contact us for children rates.
Bang/Fringe Cut (s&b not included) 1,000
Eye Brow Cut (s&b not included) 1,000
STYLING & TREATMENTS (s&b not included)
Shampoo & Blow Dry 3,500
3-Step Treatment 3,500
Premium (Quick) 5,000
Premium (Full) 6,000
Carbon Soda Spa *click for details 3,000
Relaxation Head Spa 5,000
Hair Set (Hair Up Style) 6,000
COLOR (cut and S&B are not included)
Retouch (Roots only) 6,000
Single Process(Full) 7,000
Illumina Color 8,000
Natural Herb Color 8,000
Highlight or Lowlights (1/2 Head) 11,000~
Highlight or Lowlights (1/2 Head Retouch) 9,000~
Highlight or Lowlights (Full Head) 15,000~
Highlight or Lowlights (Full Head Retouch) 12,000~
Ombre, Balayage 17,000~
Bleach (Color Toner not included) 8,000~
Bleach Retouch (Color Toner not included) 6,000~
Color Toner 2,000~
PERMANENT WAVE (cut and S&B are not included)
Normal Perm (Cold Perm) 7,000
Crepe Perm 9,000
Digital Perm 10,000
Airwave Perm 11,000
Sonil Treatment Perm +1,000
Straight Perm 10,000
Japanese Straight Perm 14,000
Point Make 4,000
Full Make 7,000

*All listed prices are before service tax (8%)

*Additional charges for long hair. (¥1,000 – ¥2,000)

*We accept most major credit card companies (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, JCB, DINERS CLUB)

*We DO NOT accept debit cards or checks


Our Team

Assort International Hair Salon has a variety of clients (from children to Top Fashion Models), due to their top-notch cuts, color, perm, and hair treatments for both men and women, suited to each client’s personal needs. Not flash-in-the pan trends. Assort specializes in putting you at ease. Their expertize and relaxing atmosphere provides you with the most comfortable and pampering services.

Ken Kobayashi
Ken KobayashiCEO
2011 – Established Assort International Hair Salon in Tokyo. 2013 – Opened Assort’s New York (East Village) branch. 2014 – Made a new brand CLASS AOYAMA, his second salon in Tokyo. 2015 – Opened Assort’s Hong Kong branch in Causeway Bay.

*Not available for new clients.

Miki Omura
Miki OmuraSenior Stylist
Highly experienced hairdresser for western and asian hair, building her career in the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan, for over 15 years. She now provides her ideal service, focusing on each individual customer’s specific needs. Miki now provides the service she believes the best at Assort International Hair Salon, where her clients can just sit back, relax, and be simply “happy ” at the end of every visit.
Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Nobuyuki KobayashiSenior Stylist
Graduated Wilfred Academy Beauty School New York, and licensed Cosmetologist with over 30 years experience between New York & Tokyo. Has participated International Beauty Shows, seminars, and fashion shows. Nobuyuki believes communication is the key for a successful hair salon visit. He provides free consultations, so please feel free to visit any day.
Nana Fushimi
Nana FushimiSenior Colorist
Internationally recognized colorist with over 15 years of experience as a colorist in Tokyo and London. AWARDS – WELLA Trend Vision Finalist, Japan Hair Color Association Contest – 1st Place, Hoyu Hair Color Competition – AR Award, Samson Competition – 1st place, and many more. Shows – Paris Fashion Week (VALENTINO), London Fashion Week (BURBERRY, TOGA, EUDON CHOI, DAKS, PALMER HARDING, RICHARD MALONE). Exhibitions – Esprezzo Bar Mozzino (London), Hanshin Hyakkaten (Osaka), Gallery Jib (Tokyo), MATSUYA GINZA (TOKYO).
Kumiko Akisada
Kumiko AkisadaTop Stylist
After her success in Japan with a client base of over 150 clients a month, Kumiko moved her career overseas. After achieving English skills in Canada, she then gained experience in London for years, to specialise in western hair. She then joined our ASSORT team in 2016 for those in need of a western hair experienced hair dresser in Tokyo.
Tomoka Kitsunai
Tomoka KitsunaiStylist
Tomoka does not have any experience overseas, but has been trained by our Assort International team, and has built a reputation for expert services for any type of hair. Having over 20% of foreign clients, she specializes in not only precise hair cuts, but a wide variety of hair coloring, from conservative style full head highlights, to manic panic design coloring techniques. *English is not perfect, but enough for consultation.
Sachiko Handa
Sachiko HandaStylist
Sachiko has been featured in several medias in Japan such as magazines and fashionable articles. Though she is certainly capable of the basic cuts and highlights for ‘celebrity look’ designs, she known for her ‘edgy / grunge’ hair designs for clients who want their own look.
Ryohei Sugiyama
Ryohei SugiyamaStylist
Ryohei specializes in Men’s fade cut designs, being recognized by international media for his precision on Men’s hair designs. Though his English is beginner level, he understands most terminology in regards to hair cutting. *Ryohei is only available for Men clients.
Yuuki Haga
Yuuki HagaStylist
Well trained from our New York branch salon, Yuki is an expert with high contrast / grunge hair designs. Best fit stylist If you are looking for a style/color like no other, with creative edge cut designs.
Seira Takaoka
Seira TakaokaStylist
Being the first person in ASSORT to become a stylist under 4 years training (normally around 5 years), Seira is a very talented young hair stylist who is in expert in understanding her client’s needs. Living in Canada as a child has given Seira no problem with English.


First time clients get a free carbon soda spa, plus an additional 1,000yen discount ! *One time offer only

Salon Information

ADDRESS2-10-28 Rihei Bld. B1, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

We are located in the B1F of the building with AREA TOKYO on the first floor. (AREA is a furniture shop)
HOURSClosed: Mondays
(We close on Tue. if Mon. is National Holiday)

Tue. - Fri. 11:00 - 21:00

Sat. & Sun. & Hol. 10:00 - 19:00
LOCATIONTokyo Metro GINZA Line : Gaienmae Station EXIT 3 (4 minute walk from station)

Give us a call from the station and we will give you directions from there.

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First time clients get a free treatment, plus an additional 1,000yen discount ! *One time offer only

Salon Interior

Company Salons


2-10-28 Rihei Bldg. B1F, Kita-Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
http://www.assort-hair.com/ (Japanese)
http://www.assort-hair.com/en/ (English)


249 E 10th Street, New York, NY 10009
http://ny.assort-hair.com/ (Japanese)


Kerkstraat 99A, 1017GD Amsterdam
http://nl.assort-hair.com/ (Japanese)


18/F., Nam Hing Fong 39 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(+852) 2836-3021
http://hk.assort-hair.com/ (Japanese)
http://hk.assort-hair.com/en/ (English)


2-12-15 Minami Aoyama 2Cho-me Bldg.
3F, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
*Japanese only.


6-7-14 NK Bldg. 2F Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
*Japanese only.


249 E 10th Street, New York, NY 10009
*Located next door to ASSORT NY.
http://www.vacancy-project.com/ (English only)