Hello. How are you guys doing these days?

The summer is coming soon!! I am very happy with it, but it’s very difficult season for keeping nice shape of hair for many people.

Because the humidity is super high here.

So I would love to introduce hair products for keeping hair nice condition even in humid weather!!




The product brand calls Milbon!!

I would like to recommend ANTI-FRIZZ series!!

The concept is “Eliminates frizz, defines waves & curls, and effectively blocks humidity.”

There is shampoo, treatment and oil in this series.



Defrizzing Shampoo

Controls frizz and enhances manageability by optimizing moisture distribution inside the hair as it cleanses gently.

*Enriched with: DPG, Collagen-Derived Surfactant



Defrizzing Treatment

Weightlessly hydrates for optimum moisture distribution inside the hair and seals it in —controlling frizz and leaving hair more manageable.

*Enriched with: DPG, Jojoba oil



Humidity Blocking Oil

Advanced, featherlight formulation of 5 botanical oils provides superb humidity control —keeping frizz at day.

*Enriched with: 5 botanical oils (Jojoba, Argan, Baobabu, Olive, and Shea)



The shampoo and treatment control to be easier condition to manage.

And the oil helps hair becoming smoother and keeping hair shape nice whole day. Also it protects hair from the heat too.

I recommend these products to who has problems with the humidity weather, frizzy hair, curly hair and fine fluffy hair.



My best recommendation is Humidity blocking oil, because it is very light texture and makes hair very smooth and shiny.

It fits many different hair types and it doesn’t get greasy either.

Thank you for reading my page.

See you at the salon assort Tokyo!!