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Hello there, this is Yumi.


Looking for a lovely lunch on my day off, I and my friend went to Kagurazaka.

On the main street, there are lots of nice restaurants.




Japanese kappo styles, Chinese, Italian and French!

This is my favorite bakery, PAUL.

Kagurazaka is famous as it is similar to France.


If you go to the narrow street next to the main street, you can find nice old shops and restaurants!


We decided to have a Japanese lunch!


Daikon-ya is a Japanese restaurant, they have great value luch.

I had chicken, it was so healthy and delicious!

Good vegetables, good rice, I enjoyed Japanese lunch style called Teishoku.



After the lunch, we went to find something fun.

Walked to Kagurazaka station from Iidabashi.

Up and down roads and narrow streets makes me exciting!







Here we came!

We found an elefant park!!!!!!



This elefant slide looks too real!

Don’t you think it is a bit scary for kids…? lol





I tried…

it’s a bit small for me though.





I like to walk around the old towns in Tokyo!

Let’s go and find something interesting!!


See you untill the next my journal!




yumi xxx