Hello, our customers!

I’m Nana from Assort Tokyo!


Today, I want you to know one of our products, called olplex:)


This is my favorite items ever!!

I’m sure you’ve heard about this if you have a blonde hair.

This is really really good to reduce damage and repair the hair 🙂


We have several olaplex treatments✌︎︎

We can mix No.1 with any chemical process, color, bleach or perm solution as bonding lation.


After all the process, we can use the No.2 to make your hair strong, not only inside also surface!


No.3-No.7 are the homecare!

I highly recommend to use non silicone shampoo No.4 and tratment No.5 at home.

I makes your hair moisturize and shinier

I’ve never never had this before!!!


Next time when you come to our salon, please ask me to use Olaplex✰✰✰


I’d like to tell you “THIS IS THE BEST”!!

I swear you’ll love it♡♡♡


Thank you! Have a nice sunshine day!