Hi there,

it have been soooooo hot outside.

Finally I feel the Japanese “mushi-atsui” summer.



Have you been to summer festival yet?

I’m dying to see fireworks!!!

I have variety of yukata but never get a chance to wear it!




I got a really good news!



In Shibuya area, the Summer festival “Shibuya Natsu-Matsuri” stars from 28th of July until 2nd of August.

This festival is held for the first time to spread the Japanese culture heading towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


photo: http://banq.jp/11984


There will be a YUKATA fashion show on 30th July (from 15:15) and 2nd August (from 13:00, 15:00).

You can see trendy YUKATA of 2014

Let’s go and check it at the HACHI-KO area (in front of shibuya station)!!

Don’t miss it!!!!


Also there will be some services at 12 shops (109, PARCO shibuya, SEIBU shibuya…etc).

If you go those shops wearing Yukata, you can get discount!!




You don’t have Yukata?

No worries!

On the 2nd of August, you can rental set of Yukata for special price!!


This week, let’s go to Shibuya!