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orange hair for summer!

Hey! Hello! I am Kohei Bryan! How are you? There are so many rainy days,And also “COVID-19” still has continued In Tokyo. If you have public holiday on Today and Tomorrow, Please have a good days but stay safe. Today’s Topics 【Orange hair color for summer 】 When I make the Orange Color for summer, [...]

Slightly angled bob

Hello Customer! I'm senior stylist at assort tokyo international hair salon. I love the most simple ladies hair cut. But that is not easy. So we need skilled technique for that. assort staff are good skilled hair cutter. So please try us! best regards Nobuyuki Kobayashi

【Kumiko Akisada】Highlights color

Hello. I’m Kumiko, and working as a top stylist at assort Tokyo. I would like to introduce our highlights color to make blonde hair. Bleach solutions→  We have more than two different solutions of bleach which are different power. I choose solutions by tone, lightness, design and base hair. Tips of highlights → There is [...]