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【Tokyo Kumiko】My favorite organic hair styling product

Hello, this is Kumiko. Today, I would love to introduce the hair styling product!! The name is “ bojico  Organic Serum balm” You can use it everywhere on your body!! Like,,,,,Lip, Cheek, around Eyes, after shaving, hair and baby. It moisturizes skin, and it is very safe because it’s totally organic product!! (Ingredients) [...]

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【Kumiko】my favorite product for late summer

Hello!! How are you guys doing? I’ve been enjoying summer, it is my favorite season. But I was wandering if everyone’s hair gets dryer and damaged end of summer? Because sun is strong and people go out more. So it is time to take care of hair for preparing autumn dry weather!! And I would [...]

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【assort Tokyo】New hair transformation video!!

Hello, how are you doing? I made the hair transformation video!!   It is about cutting from long hair to medium length and add waves by perm!! It is big change and becoming healthy looking. Please check it out, especially if you are interested in having perm!!

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Slightly angled bob

Hello Customer! I'm senior stylist at assort tokyo international hair salon. I love the most simple ladies hair cut. But that is not easy. So we need skilled technique for that. assort staff are good skilled hair cutter. So please try us! best regards Nobuyuki Kobayashi

【KUMIKO】 Recommend products for humid season!!!

Hello. How are you guys doing these days? The summer is coming soon!! I am very happy with it, but it’s very difficult season for keeping nice shape of hair for many people. Because the humidity is super high here. So I would love to introduce hair products for keeping hair nice condition even in [...]

By |2020-05-27T12:18:58+09:005月 27th, 2020|Beauty News|0 コメント

New Bob hairstyles

Hi this is Miki. I would like to introduce the bob style of a recommendation to the direction which wants to challenge a new style towards winter and autumn. These days, Taylor Swift was also made into the bob and changed the image at a stretch.   cameron diaz [...]

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About Japanese Super Straight Perm

Hi there :) This is Miki. I would like to about  Japanese super straight perm which is  the best  time when this humidity whether in Japan. The Japanese Super Straight perms uses new products and special irons to straighten your curly, wavy, frizzy, disheveled messy hair. For the best results, the new technology and techniques require an [...]

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