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assort Seiko -English Friendly Staff-

    Hi there, this is Yumi. The typhoon had gone already and brought extremely hot summer! Don't worry, we wkeep it cool and nice inside to make your stay comfortable.     I would like to introduce you all our English friendly staff, Seiko. She is a head assistant and becoming a hair stylist [...]

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assort -Premium Treatment-

    Hi there, this is Yumi.   I don't like this season... humidity and the heat of Japanese summer. This rainy season, the dry hair can be very frizzy. It would bother you.   At assort, we have 2 types of hair treatment. Our premium treatment  is very special. Look at this picture. She [...]

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assort Miki -English friendly staff-

  Hi there, this is Yumi.   Looking for a good English speaking hair stylist? Congratulation! We have a stylist who is exactly you are looking for.       This beautiful lady, Miki had been lived in Australia, U.S. and Germany.   She is a wonderful person who is nice, kind and cheerful. Also [...]

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assort -Inside of the salon-

  Hi there, this is Yumi.   I would like to introduce you all a part of assort today.   We have a big waiting table for clients during their color or perm process. It's also used for a space to wait for your friends and family that are in the salon.   We have English magazines,   variety of drinks and free Wifi to make [...]

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yummy blog! The Famous Ore-no Restaurants

  Hi there, Do you know the famous standing restaurants called Ore-no French?   They have French, Italian, Kappoh (Japanese), Yakitori and Yakiniku restaurants. They are all from the same company. I have been to Ore-no French in Ebisu, French and Italian in Aoyama and Ore-no Yakitori in Ginza.   There was always a looong [...]

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Enjoy Brazilian Breakfast

  Hi there, this is Yumi.   Did you know that you can easily enjoy the Brazilian World Cup fever in Tokyo?   On the same day the team Brazil have a game in Brazil, at the Brazilian Embassy they give free Brazilian breakfast service! It's from 7:00am to 10:00am.   Today, the was Brazil [...]

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Public World Cup Viewing at assort?

    Hi there, this is yumi! The 2014 FIFA World Cup finally began! Everyone all over the world must be really excited!   Same at assort. We have an original futsal team, called assort FC. Most of us are big fans of football!   On Sundays, we have dress code day. Yesterday the theme [...]

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yummy blog! The best Spanish Restaurant in Aoyama

topic picture:   Hi there, today's yummy blog again!   Looking for a real Spanish restaurant?   Next to our building, there is El Puente. It is the best Spanish restaurant in yumi's yummy ranking. lol       The Chef had lived in Madrid (Spain) and Ireland before. \This is Fideua, the paella of [...]

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Crazy Hair Color For Hot Summer?

topic picture:           Hi there,  this is Yumi.   We are open from 11:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.  as usual!   Last week, we have spent great time in Guam!   As Kasumi wrote in our blog, we enjoyed riding on banana boat. BUT!!!! the sun and seawater cause serious damages to our [...]

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